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R. L. Moatz was born in Wilmington, DE and grew up in rural Pennsylvania. A series of challenges have led her to reinvent herself many times to meet the needs of her family. She has worked in medical, technical and creative fields and brings the sum of her experiences to her writing. With a unique balance of empathy and understanding to offer the reader, this former nurse now heals others with her words and brings a fresh perspective to some of the more difficult life situations. It Happened in a Lutheran Church - A Sacrificial Lamb is her first book, and she is currently working on two more.

In addition to working on her books and her weekly inspirational blog, The Controversial Christian, listed above, she also edits and, occasionally, writes Six-Word Stories for Readwave.com. You can view her page here: http://www.readwave.com/r.l.moatz/ where she also participates in other writing challenges, as well.

The Controversial Christian added a Worthy Causes column in early 2014. After running a successful campaign to promote awareness of life after a mesothelioma diagnosis for one young mother with her husband's devotion, R.L. ran another campaign that included raising money for the American Heart Association during National Women's Heart Health Month. She began her third campaign when she came across an opportunity to increase the resources of her own local charity that she started in 2012, Gift Baskets for Charity.

The internet offers a wealth of free samples and free items that R.L. had begun collecting not only for herself, but for friends and family, as well. After coming across a site for children's items, she realized that there are so many impoverished people living in her community who would greatly appreciate so many of these items!

And that's when Gift Baskets for Charity was born! She collected items all year long, picked up some baskets, filler, and some shrink wrap, made up some gift baskets, and presented them to some local agencies during the winter holidays, who were absolutely thrilled to receive them.

Currently, Glamour magazine and the ID Network are sponsoring a contest, the 2014 Inspire a Difference Award, where they are asking folks to nominate their favorite charity to win a donation. R.L. has been asking folks to nominate Gift Baskets for Charity. Even if GBFC doesn't win the award, a little awareness goes a long way, a good thing, since GBFC serves one of the poorest cities in the nation. As of 2011, 49% of our residents were living at or below the poverty level.

To read more about GBFC and learn how you can vote, click here: goo.gl/7cwGYO.

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