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R. Vance “Little-Hawk” Oliver; birth name–[Russell Vance Oliver], born August 15, 1958 in St. Petersburg, FL; Raised in Ocala, FL.  He started his love for writing in High School in 1976–1977 during his Senior year, where he became one of the Editor’s for the Vanguard High School Poetry Club, he was also the Editor for the “EXCALIBUR” a collection of poems and essay’s written and composed by student s and High School Staff.  His first poem {The dawning Glory” was one of the poems published in the “Excalibur” in the Spring of 1977.  On August 24, 1977, Russell Enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served for 14-years, from August 1977 through June 1990.  during that time he continued to write and compose his poetry, and has been published 38-different times in several Poetry Anthologies, just to mention a few; Cherished Love Poems, [You Speak of Love] 1988, and Day Dreams—Night Dreams, [Friends], 1988; both from “Yes Press”, and Immortal Verses, [My Own Space] 2004.  Russell also received the “Golden Poet’s” Award for “Sanctity” in 2007.  After leaving the U.S. Air force, he continued with his career dreams as a Professional Fitness Trainer, as well as Sports Medicine.  In March of 1996, Russell moved to Denver, CO. where he continued as a Fitness Trainer and Certified Sports Injury Rehabilitation Specialist in Sports Medicine.  Today he still lives in Denver, CO. and continues to write his poetry, as well as daily Devotionals and Prayer Journals, and Fitness Journals, and following his passion of High Altitude Mountain Hiking.          

R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver’s Books

My Path Through the Wisdom of the Elders

This book is a journal of the life-long lessons learned from my Cherokee Elders and the teaching of other Tribal Elders from the Sioux, Crow, Choctaw, Ojibwa, Cheyenne, and Navajo People.

A Time To Heal

“A Time To Heal–[Putting the Past Behind Me]” is a Sequel to “In The Sanctity Of My Dreams–[Reflections of My Heart].”   This inspiring book  takes the reader on a journey of healing the heart.  This book takes the reader on a long journey of healing the wounds and hurts of the past, maybe helping the… [Read More]

In The Sanctity Of My Dreams

In his inspiring book, “In The Sanctity Of My Dreams” [Reflections of My Heart].  R. Vance “Little-Hawk” Oliver, takes the readers on a journey of love, life, compassion, laughter, heartbreak, and sorrow’s.  And paints a picture of a poet’s heart, through words that are deeply reflective of just how fragile the heart can be.  —From… [Read More]

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