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My name is Rebecca Lynn Caviness, and I'm a self publisher. My creations consist of the thrilling Past Life Revenge series as well as my famous poem This One Guy published in 2009.


I've been writing stories since I was 10 years old. Books weren't always my passion but over time, books became my life. Inspiring me to dip into other worlds, minds, and journeys. By publishing my first book Whispers of the Past, I'd hope to inspire other young authors begging to have their stories read.

I'm native to West Virginia, but grew up in the deep south of Georgia where the heat drives you to insanity and the sweet tea turns your veins to sugar. I grew up with two older sisters, as well as several other loved ones, who to this day inspire me and encourage me to peruse my dreams as a author and in hope to create a change with our generations who turn to games for the thirst of adventure then a simple book that will provide the beauty of imagination.

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