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    Free Kindle eBook this Friday from Amazon! http://amzn.to/2neFknY

    "Limited to 140 characters to confess sins and meet his Maker, 'tweeting' may not have been the best use of his final moments."
    Announcing the release of the Kindle eBook edition of Executive Severance, a laugh-out-loud comic mystery novel originally posted in real time tweets on Twitter that is compelling, entertaining, and shows off what can be done in the 140-character form with style and mastery. With send-ups of the mystery genre, social media conventions and cell phone behavior, Executive Severance is a cornucopia of word play and comic misdirection stuffed with punny dialogue, clever character conditions, and a total lack of adherence to the old "rules" of storytelling. Robert K. Blechman's delight in the language shows in every tweet – that is to say, every thread of the story. His plot is tight, tingling, and diverting.
    More details concerning this Twitter novel can be found at Whale Fire, a companion blog that will complement the mystery tale and explore the many literary and social media references embedded in the Executive Severance text!