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RjCook is Chief Administrator for the online web magazine horrible REALITY Land (www.horriblerealityland.com) where he also writes a monthly column, The Life around Me. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife Patti. The Road behind Me (the Lie of Hannah) is his first book.

RjCook’s Books

The Road behind Me

Prologue: Framing the Lie
When I was young, I wished for you,
and just in time, my wish came true.
Then I wished that it could be
how I loved you, your love for me.
But soon I wished it wasn’t so,
wishing that you wouldn’t go.
In the summer of 1974, I ventured from the little
suburban town in northern New Jersey where I was raised, to
Anaheim, California, then back again a year later, hitchhiking most
of the way. This story is about my life’s journey both before and
during that memorable trek, why that sojourn was not by choice,
but out of necessity, and the amazing adventures life presented to me
along the way. It is also about the lie that put me on the road, the
reason the lie existed at all, and how that lie caused heartache that
I dealt with during each event I experienced. Mostly, it is a story
of unrequited love and the lengths to which a man would go to
vanquish the demons of painful memories.

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