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After 20 years' experience as a journalist, ghostwriter and PR person, I took a few years' off to learn about alternative health and to found the Jewish Emotional Health Institute (JEMI), that promotes God-based holistic health techniques.

Until a few of years' ago, I thought I was pretty much done with writing - but man plans and God laughs. Since then, I self-published a couple of books, including one called 'The Happy Workshop'; I ghostwrote a couple more, including 'The Ultimate You'; and I even translated one book into English from it's original Hebrew ('The Stolen Light').

Now, I have a book deal with the Matronita Press to bring out my latest book in the fall, called: 'Talk to God and Fix Your Health: The Real Reasons Why We Get Sick, and How to Stay Healthy'.

I'm also working on putting together a range of short pocket guides about different areas of holistic health and wellness, including:

Causes and Cures of Depression; The How, What and Why of Talking to God; A Basic Guide to Balancing Your Body's Energy Meridians; and A Spiritual Blueprint for Understanding and Overcoming Personality Disorders.

The first guides will hopefully also be available in the Fall, also via Matronita.

I have 3 blogs, 2 kids and a husband, and I live in Jerusalem, Israel.

Details of my blogs / websites below:

www.emunaroma.com - my personal blog

www.jemi.website - website of the Jewish Emotional Health Institute (JEMI)

www.talktogod.today - does exactly what it says on the label...



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