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Author of literary fiction, story poetry, play writing and adventure stories based in Northern Ontario. A farmer raising, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, beef and has a close relationship with horses and goats that roam freely. www.moosehidebooks.com

What does the experience sixty odd years of life present when a person is asked to describe one’s own self? There are the life adventures, successes, downfalls, turmoil and a cluttered mind of memories to consider. One could brag, and linger on materialistic items of praise and the luxuries and possessions gained, yet, all of that is of little importance when viewing one’ own reflection in a mirror. Youth is gone, and those weathered wrinkles and greying strands of hair demand that consideration be given to living the moment and to the virtue of one’s developed talent.

What is most important to me, as time ages facial features to a transcript of who I am, is the written word and a farm-life venture. A true writer is concerned about the stories and words penned, and a livid imagination that sometimes becomes intertwined with real life. Having over fifty titles ranging from adventures, cowboy poetry and theatre plays, I continue to day-dream about the next story adventure. Presenting these projects to receptive readers and in turn, they derive pleasure that runs the gamut from tears to anger and ultimate satisfaction of enjoyment in having read the story, is my reward, and possibly a legacy.

Associating with farm stock of cows, goats, geese, pigs, chickens, and past visions of horse companions, I have plenty of time to dream and use my imagination upon a next story, for farm animals do not bother with idle chit-chat. Living in Northern Ontario, Canada; my stories and adventures reflect the lifestyle, the people and subject matter of my home area. Novels of bush adventures, lives of a steel town residents, farm life and its drama and sometimes humour is conveyed. Plays bring Canadian persons to life. Cowboy poetry brings out my alter ego, ‘Mr. Cheeks-Too-Soft’ the old cowboy who recites the drama and humoristic life of a make-believe cowboy’s life.

            The reader may not grasp the essence of who I am by what I have rambled on about in this short Bio; though, I am confident that the reader of my various works will notice my character and the substance of my being popping up within the stories.

Richard Mousseau ~ Author

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Richard Mousseau’s Books


Expectations of what was to be seen reflecting off of the smooth surface of the water trough was not to be. Clear blue-green water, filled to the brim clearly showed an aged face of a man mystified by a personal image. Hints of specific features were reminiscent of Father’s, the family’s inherited nose, dad’s black… [Read More]

Cowboy Poetry For Sale

Legendary cowboy, Cheeks-Too-Soft relaxes in semi-retirement on the porch of a weathered old barn-board cabin to reminisce on the life of being a cowboy. From a book of collections of cowboy poetry, Cheeks will recite tales of adventure, love, lost love, dreams and the wide open spaces of riding to the next round up, the… [Read More]

Badland Trails

BADLAND TRAILS, Cowboy Poetry By; Richard Mousseau My pony’s bridle lays across a hay bail. A black saddle straddles a fence post rail. From blurry eyes a tear drop may fall. Ghostly apparitions of a memory to recall. In days of youth mounting from fence rails, rider on pony would wander endless trails. My mount… [Read More]

Bargain Basement Leafs for Sale

Where is the passion for the playing of the game, and the proudness of achieving the Stanley Cup? I must admit that every era of hockey, those that govern, those that play and those that observe have their faults, corruption, integrity, pleasures, success and defeats. Currently, attention to hockey has been the status of jokes,… [Read More]

Sky Flyers

Soaring freely on wings of silky canvas fabric, a colourful kite is barely seen against a clear blue sky. Higher than any of the other kites, twenty assorted kites jostled for manoeuverability. Higher above them floated a sky flyer, its fabric skin taunt against a warm updraft and wind. Stressed to the breaking point, the… [Read More]

Assault of a Princess

Cuthburt was the only weak link in a suitable situation for all. He alone could demand the termination of birth. Unlikely, for this would bring out the possibility of a scandalous exposure. By demanding that everyone keep their mouths shut then no one outside of Cuthburt’s inner circle would know. Would he love the child… [Read More]

Guilt In Accession

Guilt in Accession By; Richard Mousseau – Literary Fiction A man has dreams that are so convincing that he believes that events have occurred in reality. He seeks help from a psychiatrist, who in turn involves a detective and a lawyer. Everyone is convinced that the man has committed a murder, though the man states that… [Read More]

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