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Richa Jha has just started creating and publishing picture books under her 'Snuggle with Picture Books' banner in India. The first two (The Unboy Boy and The SuSu Pals) are due to be released shortly.

Richa Jha’s Books

The Unboy Boy

This is the story of Gagan. His family and friends think of him as an un-boy boy. They want to make him more boy-like. Do they succeed? If you look closely, you may spot ghouls and monsters, witches and the dead. And chopped limbs. And cat soup. But this is not a ghost story. It… [Read More]

The Susu Pals

Rhea and Dia are two best pals. They are the I-braid-your-hair-you-braid-mine pals, the let us-match-our-underpants pals, and the just-us-forever-and-ever pals. Then Isha moves in next door. Do they become three best pals? The Susu Pals (or the wee wee pals) is a rollicking ride through the crazy zany friendship of two- errr three soul mates… [Read More]

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