About Rhonda Turpin

That is what I love.  From Cleveland Ohio, and currently living inside of a prison

cell, my challenges as a writer are many.  But,


That is what I do.

Eleven years in, on a 15 year sentence for a non-violent offense, I WRITE.

I have penned Two Celebrity Memoirs; one Instructional How-to; and an Urban

Ghost story.  I am in the final edit of my third memoir, Obama Proclamation,

coming out in the fall, and GAY FOR THE STAY, which is a perky novel based

on a true story of the female lust stories inside prison- HOT!

You can not let my cell that I live in deter you- I put out professional books.

Subscribe to my prison blog, felonista.blogspot for regular entertainment that

is not offered anywhere else in the world- I am first.

Also, check out my website at www.worldbooksetc.com

You can friend me also at facebook.com/RhondaTurpin216

Rhonda Turpin’s Books

IN PRISON with Martha Stewart

In Prison with Martha Stewart   In this book, RHONDA TURPIN captures the reader with this heartwarming story of her personal life and experiences, and offers us a true-life glimpse of prison life. She intertwines the events which led to her arrival at Alderson Federal Prison Camp, in Alderson West Virginia, with the day-to-day schedule,… [Read More]

The Obama Proclamation

President Barack Obama issued a Proclamation to begin to reverse a Justice System that is broken. In the midst of America’s bi-partisan movement for Prison Reform and a critical evaluation of federal Mandatory Minimum sentences, Ms. Turpin draws the reader into her world, in order to educate the reader as well as entertain. * *… [Read More]

The Game IS Dead (Kindle Edition)

A fictional, crime novel that will having you sitting on the edge of your seat! John Gray questions the loyalty of his wife and everyone in his circle after a bust brings down his entire financial empire. Following several extraordinary events, he is forced to ask the question: ‘Is the game dead, or have the… [Read More]

In Prison with Lauryn

Song One- THE LOST ONES, by LAURYN HILL, taken from THE MISEDUCATION OF LAURYN HILL album.  The song is 5:33 long, but only USE first 2:03 of the song. a.picture of a child protege, born May 26th 1975. Lauryn progressing- a black child playing the piano; a black child doing gymnastics/winning. A teenager (sample Lauryn)… [Read More]

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