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I am amateur short story writer from London currently developing my first two novels whilst continuing to work on short stories. I have been involved in self publishing and helping others to self publish for over three years now and I am learning more and more every day, it's a never ending journey, which is both the greatest thing ever, and the biggest pain in the * too as there is so much still to do! My writing is focussed on examining contemporary issues in society, the seemingly common dramas that encompass us all.

R.G Rankine’s Books

Collection Two

Three short stories: 1. A Perfect Gent 2. Another Round for My Friends 3. A New Room Do we really know why we look for things? Maybe it’s to prove we have worth… or perhaps to find comfort in remembering what we once had… or possibly it’s because to stop looking would be to stop… [Read More]

15 Soon

It’s such a hard task, to trust your instincts. When you are a schoolboy trying to cope with emerging new feelings it’s even harder. Nicholas has tried to understand what it is to grow up but isn’t sure he is ready, and the conflict he is facing between building new relationships and destroying old ones… [Read More]

My Father Loves

When Philip’s father told him something unexpected it made him think carefully about his relationship with his father, his family and his past. Trivial matters can mean more than other people ever realise, they can offer up paths never before thought of and sometimes helping others is to help yourself.

The Silent Spaces

Addison had wanted to get away from everything and everyone for a long time. He had planned his escape from the world and thought he would be happy. He was happy. For a while. But once he had made real his plan; once he had withdrawn from the world, he didn’t understand why he could… [Read More]

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