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R.F. Kristi writes children's literature and holds a doctorate in economic development. She has worked for several International Organizations travelling around the globe.  She currently lives in France and is fluent in English and French.

RF Kristi’s Books

Diary of a Snoopy Cat

Read the hilarious and breathtaking antics of Inca and her family of furry friends as recorded through the eyes of Inca a Siberian Kitty. Inca decides to start a Diary! A heart-pounding saga unfolds as she keeps the reader thrilled recording her detective exploits. When Inca and family move to London from Paris, they make… [Read More]

Christmas Cats

Another adventure story from Inca the extraordinary Siberian kitty-cat. It is Christmas time, and Inca is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her Siamese sister Cara and brother Fromage – the cheese loving Tabby cat, not to forget their adopted hamster Charlotte. Life turns interesting when their neighborhood tough dog – Boss comes around… [Read More]

Cats Who Crossed Over From Paris

Inca a Siberian female cat is the main character in the story and she writes about her furry family – her brother, Fromage addicted to cheese who considers himself a cheese monger and her sister Cara, a gorgeous but timid Siamese. Inca an avid fan of Dr. House considers herself the leader of the troupe… [Read More]

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