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Many years ago I wrote my autobiography – probably more as therapy than anything else; but life continued happening to me and I got to thinking: what good will this story do, isn’t there enough misery in the world without me adding to it by writing more? I subsequently burnt it. It was around this time when I began searching for meaning in my life that I had a profound experience – a realisation that we’re all connected, we’re One. I began to question everything I knew, accepting nothing at face value, writing down these questions and the thoughts surrounding them. From this, my first book On The Other Hand – The Little Anthology of Big Questions was born. In my books I take an honest look at our quirky and often bizarre behaviour in society, challenging the status-quo we accept as unchangeable; questioning and pushing the boundaries we set ourselves – and those that have been set for us. I’m convinced that if we want to change our lives and change our world then we must first change ourselves – to take responsibility for the things we do and in doing so, take back the power that – in general – we don’t realise we’ve given away. In my writings I give no answers to life’s questions – we already have them and only need find the courage to recognise them, accept them and then act. I invite you to join me on my journey, questioning the society we call ours and the role we play within it.

All but my first book ‘On The Other Hand’ are illustrated and the blurb for each of them is an accurate description of what to expect inside.

NEW BOOK – Stepping Out of Time – Expected publication spring 2017.

Currently working on an illustrated children’s book for any age group …


Renée Paule’s Books


Bertie the gardener is happy with his life, so is Oscar – his dog. However, this happiness turns to discontent when Bertie sees George looking ‘important’ in his new bowler hat. Bertie wants one just like it, so that he can look important too. Consequently, he hangs up his comfy old hat and that’s when… [Read More]

The Frightened Little Flower Bud

For ages 4 to 99 Please note this version uses ‘British spelling’. There is an American version with ISBN No. 9780993509841. The story begins with a seed landing in a pretty garden where it starts to grow and eventually forms a little flower bud. But, the little flower bud becomes frightened of things she ‘hears… [Read More]

Stepping Out of Time

Enquiring further into the subject of human conditioning – and beyond – Renée Paule takes us past another milestone on her continuing journey of self-reflection, wherein she looks at and discusses the society created and sustained by us. As with Renée’s previous books, her unique perspective gives no answers and is self-help in its purist… [Read More]

A Three Course Meal for the Mind

This book is now out of print. ‘A Three Course Meal for the Mind’ combines three books into a single volume: ‘On The Other Hand’, ‘Just Around The Bend’ and ‘Louder Than a Whisper’ (also available separately). The books chronical Renée Paule’s philosophical journey of self-reflection. She questions many facets of life that we take… [Read More]

Louder Than a Whisper

This book challenges the status quo of humanity by inviting us to look at the morass of confusion, despair and uncertainty that pervade our society. Through this series of heartfelt essays Renée examines topics such as ‘Pride’, ‘Desire’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Loneliness’ – what are they and how do they affect our lives? These topics… [Read More]

Just Around The Bend

A compelling and at times uncomfortable look at the world of Humanity through the eyes of one of its inhabitants. You may find yourself nodding your head in agreement and perhaps shaking it in disagreement. However, what you can’t deny are the truths contained within about the human psychological condition; in other words, our incredible human traits and behaviour.

Unusually, for its genres, this book is illustrated with a little character I designed and call Dilly (which means something or someone remarkable). Dilly is a thought form that thinks and he depicts some of our most endearing (and not so endearing) human traits. Unfortunately, for the time being at least, these illustrations will not be available in my ebooks.

This is Dilly

Dilly’s many traits are only available in paperback versions of this book.

On The Other Hand

A straight from the shoulder look at life in which I ask some awkward questions; such as, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘What am I doing here?’ and ‘Why do we resist change?’ If at this point you’re tempted to flick through this book looking for the answers, save yourself the trouble… [Read More]

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