About Shirley Ann Cheatham

About Shirley Cheatham

Shirley Cheatham is a mother, wife, writer, author, song-writer and a poet.My love for writing began at a very young age.  My mother had nine siblings which made it difficult for her to spend lots of time with any of us.  Therefore, I resorted to reading books and that is when I discovered my new found passion.   I would find me a good book to read to occupy my time and mind    My love for the characters I read about made me want to be creative and make up my own little imaginary world.  Some of the books I read was so interesting; The author made the characters seemed so realistic and this is what kept me captivated.  I would say to myself, this is what I want to be able to do one day.  Tell a story and make sure the reader can understand and feel exactly what I am trying to portray in it.   I want to be able to captivate the reader's attention and mind and make them feel they are a part of whatever is happening in the story.  This is great story-telling to me.  While in grade school, I had to write a poem and it must have been good because my teacher and class-mates were all in awe of it.  They loved it.  This is when I began writing poetry more.  I read a lots of romance books when I was a teen and enjoyed reading them so much.  I decided later on in life to write some romance novellas and make it enjoyable the same way the books I read made me feel, captivated, amused and entertained all at the same time.  I love writing How To books, articles, besides Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and  Romance.  During my adulthood majority of my working career was in the Corporate World.  I attended Birmingham Southern College and majored in Business-Administration.  My career was varied and I held lots of job titles.  I enjoyed working those 38 years in Corporate.  I met some interesting and intellectual people.  Here are some of the positions I held while working: I was employed with The City of Birmingham Police Department as a 911 Dispatch Clerk, for nine years.  The City of Birmingham as an Administrative-Assistant for nine years.  South Central Bell Telephone Company as a Secretary, Stenographer, Service Order Clerk for about five years. I also worked at several Banks in the Birmingham area for about six or seven years, worked at an Answering Service for eight years. . I  also enjoy helping people and encouraging them that they can reach their goals.  Reading, writing, listening to good music,dancing, exercising sometimes, dining at fine restaurants.  traveling and hanging out spending quality time with family and friends means a lots to me.  I meditate and pray everyday.  These are some of the things my life is comprised of.

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