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This book is dedicated to anyone who reads it till the end because they found the story interesting.


      I lived for a while in an orphanage as a child and I was inspired to write when I saw some concerning things—especially stories with a successful conclusion.




      Whenever it seems like it’s down and out, and cold let fly, gazing at the stars, and making wishes may not be the answer.


      But whichever one of life’s ‘handsome’ packages may drop at your door—or probably right on top of your roof—may not be funny at all.


      Your great comments about my book makes a life full of happiness, hope, peace, and love for you and me.






Aurora Diamond lives near New York. She is a mother of four and an amateur artist.


      She is a first-time writer and loves art, music, reading, watching movies, and road trips. Her favorite thing to do is caring for her kids.


      Take Me to the Pink Yacht— Once Upon an Ethereal Diamond I, is the first novel in the Pink Yacht trilogy. The second book will be out soon.


Visit her website at www.takemetothepinkyacht.com


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