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I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and the Managing Director of the West Suffolk CBT Service. I have post-graduate qualifications in both Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology. I work very closely with Dr Nicola Ridgeway. Dr Ridgeway is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a former lecturer on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) at the University of East Anglia, Suffolk, England, and the University of Essex. She is currently the Clinical Director of the West Suffolk CBT Service Ltd.

James Manning’s Books

A Journey With Panic

I suffered with mental health problems for many years before I got the help I needed, and in more stressful periods of my life, I experienced panic attacks from time-to-time. Fortunately, I found a way through my panic attacks by reading self-help books. Perhaps reading such books stimulated my interest in psychology, it’s hard to… [Read More]

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