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In 1989 I graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota- Duluth. In 1998 I landed my first publication in a small Canadian journal. Following this I had a number of short stories and essays published in online magazines and anthologies. Menachem Ben Moshe is my Hebrew name. I, Michael Amram, used this as a pen name to publish the Jewish themed novel The Orthodoxy of Arrogance. My first book of poems, Scenes the Writer Shows: {forty-one places a poem can go}, came out in April of 2013. My poetry often draws from my own life or is loosely based on others’. As in my first novel, Agent of Orange uses historical events to set backgrounds for my characters.
After a fourteen- year career in medical records, I write full time. Weekends are devoted mostly to poetry. I see poetry as a departure. It is an opportunity to shape words, much as a sculptor shapes clay. I write at my home in Minneapolis, or take my laptop places and let the faces inspire me. My wife of fourteen years and I enjoy biking through the park system. In past years we have taken many cruises in the Caribbean.

Michael P. Amram’s Books

To the Front of the Bus:

In contemporary history, unregulated and unfair capitalism has worked to undercut a majority of Americans, denying them in many cases the opportunity to fully pursue their happiness. Those at the top of a “representative” government and the ultra wealthy in society enrich themselves on the labors of a middle-class. To the Front of the Bus:… [Read More]

Finding Me…and Them:

Finding me and Them: Stories of Assimilation is a collection of ten stories. They are autobiographical. They are nonfiction. They are fiction based on fact. Each story tells the author’s life as an individual with or (fictional) without a disability. All of them find the author. They show different phases and challenges in his life,… [Read More]

Poems from Captain Salty’s

Bawdiness tempts the poet who trusts complacency. Risqué is the poet who mixes innuendos with lyrical poetry. Poems from Captain Salty’s: crumbles of piecemeal pie lacks the flow of eroticism the eye is trained to see— or at least expect—in poetry books. The good captain had other interests. These come out of the blasé poems… [Read More]

When Monkeys feel Rhythms

In France the word for my is often pronounced “mon.” When Monkeys feel Rhythms taps chosen veins of humanity. The poems examine how relating to aspects of life has affected us, and how the topics I’ve chosen to write about continue to confound us in spite of their power to enlighten us. For better or… [Read More]

Agent of Orange

Corporal Chauncy T. McClarren is a Vietnam Veteran. His ten years of service as a marine are glibly worn on the sleeve of his dress uniform well into civilian life. He went to Vietnam before the draft began with the hope of being a martyr. He is reluctant to admit this to his friend and… [Read More]

Scenes the Writer Shows

Scenes the Writer Shows {forty-one places a poem can go} is a collection of poems from travels and experiences. They describe situations and moments in life (mine or someone else’s) that were either positive or negative. A few poems deal with teenage angst and issues of personal experience either in my own or someone else’s… [Read More]

The Orthodoxy of Arrogance

Mordichai (Moritz) Lebenschizt was raised by Orthodox Jewish parents. After his parents are killed when he is 11, he settles in Schaan, Liectenstein. There he learns to suppress his Jewish tendencies, among other things. The year is 1928 and Mordichai sees a crazy Jew hating man rising out of the ashes of WWI. He loses… [Read More]

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