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Do you despair at 'dull' history? I certainly do and it inspired me to bring history to life and make it accessible through my books. Formerly a senior manager in industry and a school teacher, I now write historical fiction that is more relevant to our own lives, rather than just dates and names in texts books to be learned by rote.

Forced to drop my best subject, History, because I was a science student, I continued studying the subject under my own initiative. I later became a collector of glass and my study of glassmaking in Elizabethan times led me to write the Glassmaker Series of books. These follow the adventures of a Murano glass-maker who becomes involved in the plots against Queen Elizabeth I. It was inspired by a real glassmaker, Jacobo Versiline, whose life was somewhat more mundane than that of my hero.

We need to encourage people of all ages to see the exciting side of history. It's our history that makes us who we are. It's a shame that a large percentage of the population have little knowledge or understanding of it. Not long ago, the BNP tried to high-jack Winston Churchill and his exploits, as similar to their own, showing little appreciation of Churchill's stand against fascism in all its forms. Yet, in a recent survey, a large number of children didn't know who Churchill was, or what he meant to us as a nation! These are not dry facts, they're part of our heritage.


My books are fictional, but keep as closely to real historical events as is possible within the constraints of the story and have historical notes at the end to explain the real events. It is the hope of myself and many other historians that authors, media personnel and schools will all embark on a mission to make history more accessible and restore our heritage back into the future of the United Kingdom.

More information about the Elizabethan era and the Glassmaker Series can be found at http://pmcooke.net


Website: pmcooke.net

Peter Cooke’s Books


This new thrilling adventure proves to be the most perilous that Jacob Bell has undertaken as a secret agent for Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s spy- master. Jacob is recruited by Henri, Duke of Guise, as part of a convoluted plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, free his cousin, Mary Stuart and install her on the… [Read More]


Giam Bellini rising star of Murano glassmaking falls in love with lady Maria Morisini and lights the fuse of an explosive tale of betrayal and intrigue encompassing the corrupt world of Venetian and English politics. A fugitive from Venetian law, Giam uncovers the Maldini plot threatening the life of Queen Elizabeth I of England and… [Read More]


Jacob Bell (Giam Bellini), Queen Elizabeth’s Glassmaker, joins Admiral John Hawkins in a battle against Catholic plotters led by Count Ridolfi. Drawing on all their resources of boldness, courage and cunning, they carry through an audacious plan to free Hawkins’s men at risk from the dreaded Spanish Inquisition and strive to discover the extent of… [Read More]

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