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Phyllis Hall wrote With Me Always to honor the special bond of love she has with her son, whom she refers to as her "Angelheart". This book is a children's bedtime story but also reminds parents to cherish the time they have raising their children, for it is both precious and fleeting. Phyllis began as a jewelry designer and is the creator of the Angelheart jewelry collection. Later she wrote With Me Always to explain the special meaning behind her unique angel design, "I'm with you always in your heart, just like you're in mine."

Phyllis Hall’s Books

With Me Always

With Me Always is a story about the love between two parents and their little boy named Angelheart. Angelheart must leave his parents to go polish the stars that are dimming so the new Angels can find their way home. With Me Always is beautifully illustrated and is a perfect bedtime story or coffee table… [Read More]

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