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A writer since the age of nine, and a train enthusiast since I was knee-high, I grew up alongside the railway line in the picturesque city of Gosford north of Sydney, Australia. On the way to becoming the author of four novels, I never lost my love for anything that runs on rails. This only further strengthened when I began to travel with my wife of 22 years Denise. Now as I take a break from writing fiction, I am concentrating on sharing my stories of traveling throughout Australia and New Zealand, photographing what remains of our long forgotten railways and riding on any train that I can. The journey so far has seen one of my Train Tripping books nominated for a 2015 Global eBook Award, and become a Number 1 Bestselling Travel-Reference book on Kobo.

Phillip Overton’s Books

Train Tripping Around Melbourne

Exploring the best of Melbourne by train and tram in just 72 hours. Lifelong train enthusiast and award nominated author Phillip Overton visits Melbourne for a 3 day rail adventure around Australia’s most cosmopolitan city. From riding the world’s largest surviving tram network to a hands-on experience aboard Australia’s favourite steam train, he mixes interesting… [Read More]

Train Tripping Around Sydney

Exploring the best of Sydney by train in just 72 hours. Award nominated author Phillip Overton lands in Australia’s best known city to explore the sights of Sydney on a 3 day railway adventure like no other. From ghostly cobble-stoned streets to the world’s steepest railway, he mixes interesting facts with his trademark Australian humour… [Read More]

Train Tripping Eastern Australia

From Brisbane to Sydney and back in less than 48 hours by train. Bestselling Author and lifelong train enthusiast Phillip Overton is back with another 3 day railway adventure along Australia’s east coast. While boarding one of Australia’s most overlooked classic train journeys, he shares some interesting facts and his trademark sense of humour while… [Read More]

Train Tripping Coastal Queensland

From Brisbane to Cairns and back in less than 72 hours by train. Author and lifelong train enthusiast Phillip Overton is out to travel the length and breadth of Australia and New Zealand by train. While unearthing some interesting facts about one of the world’s greatest railway journeys along the Queensland coast to Cairns, his… [Read More]

A Walk Before Sunrise

When Neil Phillips arrives home early from a business presentation to discover his fiancee of only three weeks in bed with his boss, it unleashes an amusing run of bad luck that ultimately lands him in the small town of Lighthouse Bay. While trying to salvage his career in the face of a relationship gone… [Read More]

The Rag Doll Cafe

Winter is here, but something is about to hit Lighthouse Bay harder than any summer storm! Anton Rubinski has just left town. The door it seems has closed on a summer friendship forged over a bottle that granted he and his friends’ every wish come true. Now with no job, no friends and no reason… [Read More]

Last Wish of Summer

As the sun prepares to rise on the last day of summer, three friends find themselves totally unprepared for the events that are about to take place around them. For Tanya, it is a chance to find peace three years after losing her parents in a car accident. Deciding she simply can’t continue blaming God… [Read More]

The Long Way Home

Doug Small’s was always destined to be a god father. However, the 1980’s would be a decade of rebuilding his life after his marriage to Rowena ends in failure. For their son Simon, the decade would be one of survival, living with his mother in their home in Gosford, north of Sydney, Australia. Forced to… [Read More]

Four Sides to Squares

A collection of 24 honest and at times brutally amusing poems about growing up, growing old and growing a little wiser along the way. This collection delights in being proud of our acceptance of place and purpose in society.

Three Times A Lady

An impressive collection of 20 poems that delights the reader with a three-pronged insight into the love, laughter and lighter side of relationships that can be found behind closed suburban doors.

Twice Around The Block

A collection of 24 carefully selected poems that follow a theme of changing times and a growing awareness of the world at large, unfolding over the course of a day from sunrise to sunset.

Things We Once Loved

A collection of 24 carefully selected poems covering traditional rhyme, non-rhyme and Australian bush verse that offers a reflective and nostalgic look at our not-so-distant past.

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