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Philip Raby is a well-respected and well-known motoring writer based in the UK. Philip is best known for his work with Porsches; he launched and published Total 911 magazine. However, he became disillusioned with the corporate world so he sold his publishing company. He now runs a small Porsche sales business and writes a regular column and features for GT Porsche magazine. Philip has written a number of books, covering subjects as diverse as Aston Martin, Porsche and Formula One; and even one on planning weddings. Today, he combines writing, selling cars and enjoying life.

Philip Raby’s Books

Kidnap Island

Sailing-mad Jonny Wild is so sure he sees a face on the forbidden island he crashes into another boat, sailed by rich-kid Will. Despite the shaky start, the two boys become firm friends and team up with Will’s cousin Louisa to get to the bottom of the mystery of the face.

You Can Drive a Porsche

This book will change the way you think about car ownership. It includes the following: • The difference between foolish and clever car buyers. • A Porsche can be less expensive to own than a modern saloon car. • Porsches are environmentally friendly. • A gentle introduction to the many models of Porsche • Which… [Read More]

Save Your Life

Save Your Life encourages you to make the most of something you only ever get one chance at – life – and explains why you shouldn’t defer living your dreams until you retire. The book explains why, historically, we work from nine to five and then retire at 65. It goes on to show why… [Read More]

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