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Peter Rowlands came late to novel writing, despite planning his move throughout his career. He spent many years editing and contributing to UK magazines covering logistics, transport and home delivery, but finally sold his share in a small part-owned publishing business and started work on his first published novel, the mystery drama Alternative Outcome.

Since then he has published three more novels in the Mike Stanhope Mysteries series, all featuring the same leading character, but all intended to work as stand-alone books as well as forming part of an ongoing story. He has also published a stand-alone mystery thriller, Never Going to Happen, under the pseudonym Anders Teller.

Peter is an avid reader of mystery dramas and thrillers, and always planned to write books that distilled what he considers the most appealing aspects of these: vivid characters, naturalistic dialogue, plenty of pace, and intricate but coherent plots.

He was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, in north-east England, but has lived nearly all his adult life in London, which he loves. In April 2019 he was planning two more books - a stand-alone, and the next episode in the Mike Stanhope saga.

Peter Rowlands’ Books

The Concrete Ceiling

Mike’s hand hovers over the mouse. He hesitates, then clicks Submit. He’s hoping for a few more sales for his languishing self-published thriller, and the offer in front of him looks irresistible. He knows he’s paid over the odds, but if it works, maybe he’ll break through the recognition barrier at last. He has no… [Read More]

Denial of Credit (Mike Stanhope Mysteries #3)

The idea of ghost-writing the autobiography of an industry leader appeals to downbeat journalist Mike Stanhope. He needs the work, and he needs a new direction in his life. But deadlines are looming, and Alan Treadwell proves a tough taskmaster. He has strange ideas about how the book should be tackled, and quickly has Mike… [Read More]

Alternative Outcome

In this intricate mystery, divorced and disaffected freelance journalist Mike has self-published his own mystery drama online, hoping to shift his life on to a new tack. His story is fictional, but is based on ‘real’ events, and to give Mike a new focus, well-meaning friends now persuade him to track down a girl he knew long… [Read More]

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