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I have lived in houston for the past thirteen years. I wrote this book because I had been teaching the drum set as a private instructor for several years. When I was teaching I saw a important need for an organized curriculum that showed students how to think instead of what to think. I have been able to combine my knowledge articulate the concept of "rhythm theory," Rhythm theory is similar to music theory however instead of pitch and notes, it's about different ways to use time effectively by emphasising certain patterns to transform a ordinary drumbeat into an entire song in itself by using simple variations. Rhythm theory intellectualizes the different ways in which time can be subdivided, in addition to explaining phrasing and other drum beat concepts in a understandable way. All in all, it took about a year and a month to write the book and program each measure of music , and then it took another two months of formating after that. Either way I had fun writing this book and I hope it helps you on your rhythmic path.

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