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Pedro Camargo is an expert in human behavior and consumption. He is a consultant, author and entrepreneur who combines knowledge of human biological phenomena, with the factors of consumption and relationships, to explain the behavior of people with decades of experience in marketing practice. It helps businesses and professionals to understand the implications of brain architecture, hormonal changes and changes in neurotransmitters in people's behavior and the implementation of practical strategies to adjust to them.

In addition to his role as disseminator of neuromarketing and biology of consumer behavior, his experience includes building online community, to generate discussion and learning in these new areas.

Camargo addresses these issues, as well as curious and intriguing author of five books published in Brazil and Europe, in matters to Supervarejo Magazine; website marketing world; newspaper Meio & message; Magazine New and More Sale and the regular lectures for Multiplan , Apothecary, BR Foods (healthy and perdigão); Unimed; Mindcode, Mexico City; IPAM Portugal; APAS; Bookstores Curitiba; Reading Network and also events at universities around the country and Europe.

Website: pedrocamargo.co

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