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Patricia Bowman-Stein's debut cozy mystery; published 10-30-13 ... is available in print & ebooks at www.amazon.com & www.barnesandnoble.com. The book is titled "Oops A Dead Body based on a true incident." It's about 3 grandma's who discover a murder & one of them chases the killer. It is a caper that's fun; full of priceless dialogue & many readers have actually laughed thru-out discovering the ladies adoring lunches & fashion rather than mystery solving. Harry Barry, a bachelor gets in the way along with a foreboding police detective warning Maribelle Rosen to quit playing amateur sleuth. "A fun, entertaining read" says readers.

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Oops A Dead Body based on a true incident

Maribelle Rosen, a Jewish grandmother and friends, Kate Flannery and Annie Fitzsimmons, also grandma’s but Irish Catholics, discover a murder. This debut cozy mystery based on a true incident that happened to the author and friends, contains a wee bit of Irish wisdom and a little Yiddish humor to soften the threats, peace and safety… [Read More]

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