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Amelia Picklewiggle is the husband and wife writing team who also write under Young adult/Middle grade author PA Cadaver She is the Ambassador for the state of Nevada for Board on Books for Young Readers, a Guest Judge for PBS where she was the first author in the history of the KIDS GO contest to present the awards. Amelia is a member of many organizations for children’s literacy programs, including RIF, Reading Rockets, AIA, Autism Society, American Library Association, SCBWI, International Thriller Writers, Parapsychology Association, Horror Writer’s Association, National Summer Reading Association, Writer’s Guild,  Association for the Blind and many more.

Amelia Picklewiggle is represented by a leading US Brand Licensing Agent and a Hollywood Film Producer. Amelia is the head writer in conjunction with Creator and Entertainer/Magician, Mickey Silver, for a series of children's educational books that are backed by the voice actors Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) and Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Square Pants) for a project with Nickelodeon.

ALL books, characters are protected under the Federal Trade Mark Law. All Trademarked material include.: The Wrinklettes World of Wonder series, Rusty and Ruby’s Magical Reading Room series, The Snow Bunny Science Sleuths Series, Monster Madness Word War series, Witch~o~ween, The Fractured Fairytale Theater series, Halloween Town series, Lone Huntress series, Mouse in the House series, Franken Cookie, Elliot the Magical Puppy series, Tessa’s Troubles series, Scruff the Mutt in GROOMINGDALES and more…

PA Cadaver writes:

Ghost Tales Mystery Series™
Scary Tale Theater series™
Monsterpiece Theater series™

Amelia Picklewiggle and PA Cadaver books can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Their books are available in print, digital video CGI/audio and braille. They are also available in public libraries and school libraries throughout the United States.

Amelia is retired Teacher and an Instructor for a local College.

Andrew, the “A” in Amelia, has been actively writing since he was nineteen. He writes his own books under Andrew Miller. His beliefs about equality, libertarianism, and personal potential lend his works direction and endings that often quite differ from the formulas seen in most other literary works. Andrew has studied and experienced a wide range of pursuits, ranging from courses in emergency medical procedures to several decades of training in martial arts styles from around the globe, to baking and sushi making. He is currently an amateur mui thai kick boxer hoping to go professional (in the ring or in the NHB cage depending).

Amelia Picklewiggle’s Books

Welcome to Scarecrow Hollow

Introduction Welcome to Scarecrow Hollow The Urban Myth: The house was built around the turn of the century by an elderly man with many children. When the man died in the 1940’s of old age, he left his spirit behind in the home. The apparition drags people out of their beds during the night, leaving… [Read More]

Lone Huntress

The future is freedom. The Federation, a vast civilization of humanity and its allies and derivatives spanning across hundreds of worlds. The future is cutting edge. Ships travel infinite distances by folding space-time like cloth, to worlds where athletes fence with magnetic fields of atomic scale cross section rotating at near light speed (also known… [Read More]


Witch Hazel has quite a dilemma. It’s her job to save Halloween. But when her evil sister swoops into the town and places a nasty spell, Witch Hazel’s plans for a happy Halloween don’t go the way she planned. Will Witch Hazel be able to save Halloween in time? Find out in this hilarious children’s… [Read More]

Franken Cookie

There is something scary happening in the town of Cookieville. High on the hill above the town is an old factory that has suddenly come to life. As lightening cracks through the night sky, the townsfolk scurry inside their homes for cover. Then it happens….and the town of Cookieville will never be the same. Children’s… [Read More]

The Clown Motel

Don’t touch the clowns, and don’t let the clowns touch you. Just off of highway 95 in the state of Nevada, there lies the small town of Tonopah. For miles around, it’s desolate and in the silence, there lies one lonely motel. Across from the motel is an old cemetery where miners were buried. It’s… [Read More]


Meet Ophelia. Ophelia is a vampire who has lived for centuries. She likes cruising the club scene, classical literature, and men who know their place. Meet Emma. Emma is a werewolf who lives above the pack owned garage. She likes bacon, working on bikes, bacon, cute boys with big brown eyes, and bacon. Meet Sajan…. [Read More]

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