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I have been writing poetry since 2011.  To date I have three published works through independent publishers.  Being a member of numerous poetry groups on-line I continue to sharpen my craft.  Opportunities have been numerous.  Internet radio interviews, part of various anthologies and participation in spoken word events.  Quite a few authors like to list off their accomplishments and awards. My books have received 5 star reviews from organizations that specialize in the poetry genre.  My purpose and mission to share my work to create a diverse dialogue to bring understand and tolerance in a fragmented world.

Nolan P Holloway’s Books

Life Between The Words

Life Between The Words brings together heartbreak, grief, hope and determination. A prevalent struggle to keep the faith is what binds these pages together. These poems explore the human condition loudly and expressively, through the key events that define us – birth, growth and aspirations, conflict and mortality. They question the moral and philosophical natures… [Read More]

Into My Rotation

This book is a culmination of pulling together of the over one hundred pieces I had written.   The scribes are personal, hence the title, “Into My Rotation”.  The book reveals my faith, my life’s experiences and love.  It has received positive reviews and being my first work, it has a special place for me.

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