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I Live with my husband in Birmingham, AL.  I’m a former Montessori Preschool “teacher”, mother of  five and grandmother of two who are lovingly held hostage in Ohio by adoring parents.   Their Nonnie, that’s me visits often telling many stories. But after telling and re-telling traditional fairy tails, they wanted something different.  Something in their world…with them in it.

That is how The Nation of Foamation series was born.  There were few books written for children who are passionate about gymnastics.

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  • Nona Kinderknecht posted an update 2 months ago

    I just published my first book, and first in a series; The Nation of Foamation. Set in a gymnastics training center or actually Under it where the foam for the foam pit is grown on trees! Discoverd by accident as two gymnasts fall through to the Nation of Foamation. Gymnast or not it is a fantastical adventure for all children to enjoy. Second…[Read more]

  • Launched my website “Nonnietales.com” and on it the first of my series The Nation of Foamation; The Secret of Foamation. Children’s books of the whimsical variety for Gymnasts and any other 6-12 who like worlds within worlds and when they meet.

  • Chapter 1
    It was practice time at the Bars to Stars Gymnastics Training Center.   Isabel and Caleb always arrived early.

    Ahhh, thought Isabel, Home, I can breathe.  She loved the gym, especially when it was al […]

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