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Nicola McDonagh was born in Liverpool, the youngest of six children. She grew up amidst books, music and lots of animals. She originally trained as a photojournalist, but her love of the theatre and storytelling, saw her gaining an Honours Degree in Drama and English Literature. She spent many years as an actor, scriptwriter and workshop leader, but gave it up to concentrate on her writing. She is a creative writing/photography tutor, and editor.

Nicola gained a Diploma in Creative Writing from the UEA, won the Suffolk Book League’s Short Story Competition, and was shortlisted for The Escalator Genre Fiction Competition. The following year her debut novel, Echoes from the Lost Ones and A Silence Heard, Dystopian/Sci-fi series - The Song of Forgetfulness, was published by Fable Press. However, the series has been re-vamped and Nicola has self-published all the books so far in the series. Check out her author page on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Nicola-J.-McDonagh/e/B00D4NAH0S


As well as being an author, Nicola is an editor, creative writing tutor, and photographer. She lives in a small 17th-century cottage in rural Suffolk, with her musician husband and several feral/rescue cats. She is learning to play the flute and piano accordion and is part of the band The Swamp Kittens. Nicola enjoys cooking, growing vegetables and fruit and relaxing in a hammock – weather permitting. Nicola continues to experiment with words and photographs.

Work in progress: Cleo Dalby and the Curse of the Chaos Mummies-a middle-grade mythology, action adventure novel and an audiobook of Glimmer and other stories

Nicola McDonagh’s Books

The Chronicles of Mayer

A story of survival and courage in a devastated world Adara seeks knowledge about her past in the archives of The Moocow Monks of Mayer. From the journal of its founder she unearths startling truths about the history of NotSoGreatBritAlbion. When mother nature turns against mankind in the latter stages of the 21st century sending… [Read More]

Glimmer and other stories

A riveting compilation of surreal, supernatural and mysterious tales. Seven compelling stories of obsession, loss, redemption and hope are brought together in this unsettling and original anthology. From ethereal speculation to rekindling forgotten love, these beautifully crafted tales explore human nature in all its diversity. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes inspirational, they all have a metaphorical richness that… [Read More]

A Silence Heard

Trust no one – not even family. As filthy battles ensue and loved ones perish, Adara must sing The Song of Forgetfulness one last time if she is to save not only the Meeks, but all the folk of NotSoGreatBritAlbion, from a life of slavery  and despair. There’s just one problem – Deogol. Adara and… [Read More]

Echoes from the Lost Ones

The struggle to survive just got harder. After Agros abduct her brother and lay waste to her home, Adara embarks on a perilous quest through the hostile Wilderness to save Deogol from a sinister fate. But her journey through the ravaged terrain of NotSoGreatBritAlbion is fraught with danger when her search is jeopardised by lustful… [Read More]

Whisper Gatherers

Fear stalks Cityplace. They’re coming. Starving renegades are gathering, ready to storm the last safe haven in NotSoGreatBritAlbion. Only Adara, a rebellious girl with a unique power can save the terrified inhabitants of Cityplace from the evil that threatens. In the future, disease has wiped out most animal life. What is left of the human… [Read More]

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