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Naomi confesses that the best word to describe her is: whimsical. Forget about “the girl next door” and think more along the lines of “the girl from the next galaxy over” and you’d be closer to the correct personality categorization. She is an unequivocal day-dreamer, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and unshakable devotee to story-telling.

In addition to writing, Naomi sings, draws, reads, plays console games, does the occasional concept art commissions, and works with rescued animals. Her love for absorbing fabulous, unforgettable stories is only out-shined by her love for creating her own.

Currently, she lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, along with crazy cats and even crazier family members.

N. R. Eccles-Smith’s Books

The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide

The official companion guide to The Beacon Thrones continues the tradition of revealing fascinating facts from the realm of Valadae, following Laeka’Draeon’s adventures. Introduced once again by Redwick Ravenwings, the celebrated “White Raven” chronicler. Find out how the mysterious wall-watchers came into being, and discover the dark origin of the harpies’ hatred for all things… [Read More]

Dual Destiny, Book Three of Dragon Calling

Laeka’Draeon and his companions have awakened the first of the Beacon Throne guardians. But only with the power of all four guardians can he hope to stop Valadae’s imminent destruction and fulfil his calling as the last of the dragons. His journey takes him west, into a kingdom rife with conflict and unexpected perils. And… [Read More]

Kin Seeker Companion Guide

The official companion guide to Kin Seeker offers exclusive information and insights into the kingdoms of Valadae, and the places and characters that colour Laeka’Draeon’s world. Introduced by Redwick Ravenwings, one of Valadae’s most celebrated chroniclers. Find out how the Ash-banes became bound to the half-moon, and why the monstrous creature Sotaik haunts the Woodlands… [Read More]

The Beacon Thrones, Book Two of Dragon Calling

Laeka’Draeon is the last dragon in Valadae. The key to finding his missing kin lies in the prophecy obtained through the centaur prophet, Belzor Ven’Ho. To interpret its hidden meanings, Laeka’Draeon and his companions must journey to heart of the Raegelian forest, wherein resides the legendary seer, Lady Megandel. But the enemies of the old… [Read More]

Kin Seeker, Book One of Dragon Calling

The dragons have mysteriously vanished from the lands of Valadae-except one. With no memory of his past, or what happened to his kin, Laeka’Draeon begins the daunting quest for answers, well aware the stakes are more than personal. If the dragons fail to return and restore the waning magic of the legendary towers of Klonnoth… [Read More]

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