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Hi guys, semi-retired, enjoy gardening, reading, craftwork, and writing.
In my fiction I do not try to create super-heroes, but rather bring alive common and regular people who try to find love, survive, and react to circumstances as best they can, and, usually, try to do the right thing. The books are more than one genre, from war to sex and violence to romance to humor to horror to fantasy to science fiction to adventure, I write in third-person with viewpoints by men, women, and children.
Luckily for me, once my characters are onstage they take over. My fingers just try to keep up.

James W Nelson’s Books

New World Order Rising 3of3

New World Order Rising Book 2of3

New World Order Rising Book 1of3

Pharmacological Research Gone Berserk

Pharmacological Research Gone Berserk (Needed: Volunteers) “A medical mystery” A test of will power, a romance, some humor, a little sex & a little violence. While going to the bathroom in the dead of night, Shea McTory witnesses a gurney disappearing into a darkened elevator. Was one of the volunteers lying on it? Is something… [Read More]

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