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A native of India, Nandita is an indie author and entrepreneur. She launched Curry Cravings™ to showcase the dynamic Indian culture and cuisine as also to channel her own exploration of cultural identity. Her passion lead to cooking classes and long running series of supper club dinners in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Both her indie books ‘A Dozen Ways to Celebrate’, and ‘Crack the Code’ have reached global audiences. They give tangible form to a tapestry of culinary knowledge & oral histories, delighting readers who welcome its illustrative style, photography & poignant narration. Nandita encourages diners and readers go beyond being armchair consumers to becoming dinner-table connoisseurs. In her books, she presents easy preparations that transform seasonal produce into flavorful dishes that compliment healthy lifestyles. Her teaching and writing style is inspiring as she instills realistic confidence, effortlessly revealing how Indian cuisine can be a flavorful, decadent and healthier choice.

Through both her written and culinary endeavors Nandita remains an enthusiastic advocate for the Indian culture, bridging the gaps between its perception and ‘consumption.’ A keen observer, she inquires about cultural overlays on our personal and social environments. She orchestrates dining events setting the stage for such dialogues, asking how and where ‘ethnic’ and personal ideologies collide with convention. Whether it is dinner or chai, her blog segment ‘Kitchen Island’ or cookbooks, Nandita crafts holistic food and conversation for both mind and body. She had originally started writing her books as a written legacy for her daughter, but her recipes and stories are devoured by chefs, diners and readers alike.

Nandita is a globally known author, and is working on her first fiction: Not For You: Denial & Comfort Foods (via Turmeric Press, 2017).


Nandita holds a Masters in Landsacape Architecture (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and a Masters’ in Botany (Univ. of Mumbai, 1994).

Nandita Godbole’s Books

Ten Thousand Tongues

Ten Thousand Tongues: the companion cookbook Comfort foods have the power to seep straight into our innermost core: the strength emanating from a hearty breakfast on a cold winter morning, the beverage that fosters a long-lasting friendship, the reverence and reassurance that wafts from a religious offering, the giddy excitement in a wedding feast, a… [Read More]

Ten Thousand Tongues

Ten Thousand Tongues secrets of a layered kitchen Strong matriarchs in the author’s family are the inspiration for “Ten Thousand Tongues.” These are stories of perseverance, and of a deep-rooted appreciation of family legacies that inspire and shape reverence to one’s culinary heritage. “Ten Thousand Tongues” is a biographical fiction about eight women who find… [Read More]

Not For You

Ordinary Lives: Extraordinary Foods What stories do our recipes reveal about us? What happens when we migrate, marry and mingle with those unlike our own, or even move across local and international borders? How do new regions, cuisines or communities influence a family’s food choices? How do comfort foods evolve in such kitchens? Not For… [Read More]

A Dozen Ways To Celebrate

Invite Nandita and her books to be at your side in your kitchen for a refreshing approach to cooking healthy, flavorful and easy Indian meals and dinner spreads. Using her unconventional and simplified outlook to Indian food, “A Dozen Ways to Celebrate” provides a glimpse into the diversity and adaptability of traditional Indian food. This… [Read More]

Crack The Code

Nandita uses her grandfathers’ teachings to explain the fundamental building blocks of the Indian cuisine. Her pioneering workbook-styled cookbook demystifies the seemingly complex Indian cuisine to make it easy & effortless for everyone. Crack The Code includes two dozen recipes that showcase the roles of spices & ingredients, highlights the importance of layering & balancing… [Read More]

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