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Nancy Lorraine is a wife, mother, and grandmother, an author, a master gardener, and a retired mental health professional. Nancy has a Ph.D. in Social Work and is retired from a 30 year counseling and teaching career. Knowledge of children’s developmental issues as well as her gardening experience informs her stories. Nancy Lorraine has an extensive backyard butterfly garden. She hopes her stories about the butterflies and other insects in a flower garden will encourage children to explore and enjoy the natural world in their own backyards.

Nancy Lorraine’s Books

Backyard Butterflies Coloring Book

Backyard Butterflies Coloring Book is a color and learn book designed to entertain and to educate children from 8 to 12. All the sketches come from real photos of backyard butterflies. Backyard butterflies refer to butterflies that are common to southeastern backyards in the United States. Each sketch is accompanied by a bit of information… [Read More]

Dixie & the Sunshine Butterflies

A Self-help book for parents and children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The book is also useful for grief and loss professionals. The authors are Nancy Lorraine Edelman who has a PhD in Social Work and Elizabeth W. Newlin, M.D. who is a board certified child-psychiatrist. The book has three parts:… [Read More]

Tatty, The Lonely Monarch (in paperback version, the title is “Tatty, The Monarch Butterfly.”)

“Tatty, The Lonely Monarch” is a chapter book for ages four to eight. The story is about a small, tattered Monarch butterfly who falls behind the rest of the Monarchs during their winter migration to Mexico. Tatty meets a chickadee and a hummingbird who direct her to a beautiful flower garden. There she finds other… [Read More]

The Butterfly Adventure

Two young butterflies leave the comfort of their shady forest for the first time.  Exploring a brilliant wildflower garden in full bloom, the butterfly friends encounter exotic new insects and flowers – but most of all – the butterflies discover the value of friendship.  Beautifully illustrated with original watercolors, each of the four chapters of… [Read More]

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