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One of the author’s most exciting accomplishments is her new Children Books. Each child is welcome to meet adorable characters as they read short stories written in rhyme. Bonus chapters are added in each book allowing the child extra interaction through coloring the characters of the book.

Renee Robinson studied writing and communications. She also writes fiction, thriller, memoirs, and poetry.
5 years ago, she received the horrifying diagnosis of colon cancer. Instead of laying around feeling sorry for herself, Renee used this opportunity to write and to be published. She began with publishing a series of poetry books while working on a biography about life with terminal cancer.

Renee Robinson’s Books

My Mommy (Holiday Series) (Vol 3)

My Mommy is a mother’s day story, greeting card, and coloring book the child can color and give proudly to Mom for Mother’s Day. Keep your eyes out for the next Holiday Book in the series. Your child will be thrilled to collect the complete set. My mommy is the first one to hold me… [Read More]

Granny Has A Whisker

Cherry ‘Maters Series: is all about family and some of the silly things we do. Enjoy a chuckle or two as Granny’s whiskers grow or Pappy makes gummy faces. Enjoy reading of Calamity Duck and his family and how they cope with the normal everyday life with a duck who can’t swim. Don’t miss a… [Read More]

Captain Chemo!

Dedicated to the children who fight in the Cancer Wars. These small faces and frail bodies should never have to face anything but sunshine and laughter. Yet they too, are non-exempt from the horrors of cancer. Ironically, these little ones are the true heroes within in ranks. They tend to not question why, they simply… [Read More]

Pappy’s Teeth

This story is to help a small child to understand the changes our body makes as we grow old. They have nothing to be afraid of whether false teeth, loose skin or wheelchair is what they see. Pappy and Granny are just an older version of Mom and Dad. This series is not only about… [Read More]

The Bunny Tale

“The Bunny Tale”, a child’s Easter Book of Rhyme which tells the story of the Easter Bunny’s secret helper. Enjoy illustrations on every page with bonus character coloring pages included in the back of both paperback and hardback copies. This is a quick and easy read. It will be available at all major bookstores. What… [Read More]

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