About N. A. Cauldron

N.A. Cauldron writes books for all ages. While fantasy and science fiction usually pique her interest; humor, character conflict, and smart aleck dialogue are her favorite go to’s.

Ms. Cauldron grew up on the outskirts of modern Cupola.  As a young child, she enjoyed listening to the tales told of Cupola's history.  This ultimately led to a successful career as a research historian and her recent authorship of historical fiction.  She is an avid herbologist, and spends her free time hunting out and collecting rare herbs for her potion making.  She is especially fond of the snaggled-tooth humpmoss, and has been known to spend weeks at a time on fungal expeditions.

She currently resides in eastern Cupola with 12 gramwhats, 3 cats, and a herd of domesticated moths.

N. A. Cauldron’s Books

What Does Spider Poop Look Like?

Did you know that tarantula and bird poop look the same? That some small birds excrete toxic weapons? Or that rabbits eat their own feces only to poop it out again? How about the fact that cricket manure smells like oranges? No? This book covers that and more in the weird world of animal poop…. [Read More]

Fishing for Turkey

All seems well at this holiday feast, but before they can say, “Pass the salt,” a sweeping deluge washes one family’s entire Thanksgiving dinner into the flooded street. It’ll take something pretty crafty to pull this dinner back together again. Can they make it? A picture book.

Anya and the Cavern of Trials

As the third book in The Cupolian Series, magical action and adventure will climb to the highest level yet. Friendships will change, and loved ones will be lost. The crown of Cupola faces its biggest challenge. With the Queen’s men at their feet, Anya must get her friends and family to safety. But the only… [Read More]

Anya and the Power Crystal

Now that everyone knows Anya can perform magic, she’s the number one enemy of the Queen of Cupola. But instead of being punished, she and her friends are being sent on a mission to find a lost treasure. Hmm… Well that’s odd. Anya thinks so too. In an effort to learn just what exactly the… [Read More]

Anya and the Secrets of Cupola

Deep in the walls of Cupola lies a secret. A 200 year old magical secret. And it’s up to Anya and her friends to solve it. Meet Anya, a twelve year old girl with utterly no direction in life. Meet Taika, her best friend who can make a potion strong enough to cure a weregoblin,… [Read More]

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