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Michael P. King is the critically acclaimed author of the Travelers noir crime thrillers, which feature a husband and wife team of con artists. “Sometimes people make decisions that have unintended consequences when they’re trying to take what they think is the easy way out or a shortcut to wealth or fame. I’m fascinated by this tendency, and it’s the jumping off place for my fiction.”


Michael P. King’s Books

The Murder Run

Never cheat a partner. Always get revenge. . . The Traveling Man takes on a quick and easy safecracking job…easy until his partners are murdered and he’s on the run. His wife is trying to settle into her new role as a rich man’s girlfriend, so she isn’t at his side. Who are these killers… [Read More]

The Kidnap Victim

When the hard men come with their guns. . . and bundle you into the trunk of a car. . . who do you wish had your back? The Traveling Man and a new partner have their eyes on a safe deposit box full of drug money when the new partner’s husband unexpectedly shows up,… [Read More]

The Double Cross

A con artist betrayed by his partners. A plot for revenge. Can he and his new partner outwit his old crew… and escape with the cash and their lives?   In 1989, where it all begins…   Paul Kendal, 26 years old, is a con artist in a robbery crew. When he has all the… [Read More]

The Freeport Robbery

Stolen art. An interrupted recovery. Who will catch the Travelers first, the FBI or a murder gang? The Travelers, using the names Ron and Nicole Carter, break into a freeport vault to reclaim a stolen 16thcentury jewelry casket for return to a museum. But after they’re ambushed during the break-in, they’re on the run from… [Read More]

The Blackmail Photos

Blackmail. A marriage on the rocks. When you fool yourself, all bets are off… The Travelers, going by the names George and Roslyn Harrison, entrap a congressional candidate with photos of his extramarital affair. But just as they are hatching a ploy to increase their ill-gotten gains, the candidate’s wife uncovers the plot. With their… [Read More]

The Computer Heist

Theft. Deception. Murder. The Travelers, husband and wife con artists using the aliases Joe and Tess Campbell, agree to wreck a computer server and steal a newly developed data-mining program. A simple, lucrative job. Or it would have been if their employer had told them half the truth. Instead, they discover that they’ve been thrown… [Read More]

The Traveling Man

“Husband and wife con artists must get back on their feet after a scheme goes spectacularly wrong in this criminally good debut by King…. Surrounding them is a cast of superbly sketched characters whose competing motives constantly trip up their plans…. With a story every bit as intricate and entertaining as the personalities who fill… [Read More]

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