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Molly Kurland is a massage therapist and hypnotist and author living in Northern California. She recently published:

“Successful Strokes – A Realistic Guide to Creating a Lucrative Massage Business”

This is a book to help people succeed at doing work they love. It is particularly intended for people who are skilled at what they do but not necessarily comfortable about the business and promotional aspects of having their own practice.

Molly also has a blog where she writes about self-care:


She is working on a book about self-care, a memoir and a health-oriented cookbook!

Molly Kurland’s Books

Successful Strokes

The purpose of this book is to help people succeed at doing work they love. If you love doing massage but have felt uncomfortable about the marketing and management part of having your own business, this book is for you. You will learn a variety of ways of promoting yourself, both to new clients and… [Read More]

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