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Author of “The Percussionist’s Wife: A Memoir of Sex, Crime & Betrayal,” Monica Lee is an editor, blogger and free-lance writer whose work has appeared in the newspapers, marketing materials and blogs during the past two and half decades. She travels the country in an RV with her second husband.

Monica Lee’s Books

Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat

In a world before social networks made it a routine act performed with a click, “like” is a state of mystery and meaning among teenagers navigating the halls of Wadena Senior High School. Fifteen-year-old Monica is sure she would be happy if only she had a boyfriend, but first she endures a litany of boys… [Read More]

How to Look Hot & Feel Amazing in Your 40s

Can you look and feel better in twenty-one days? Absolutely, you can. But Monica Lee didn’t always think so. When she entered that phase of womanhood called perimenopause, she fell into a rabbit’s hole where the world was filled with muffin tops, aches and pains, and indelible wrinkles. If you, too, are sick and tired… [Read More]

The Percussionist’s Wife

“It will get worse before it gets better,” I heard the full-bosomed tarot card reader tell my husband, who was being investigated for raping one of his drum line students. Two weeks later, my husband of 11 years was officially charged with forcing himself on his student, and the crime was reported in detail in… [Read More]

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