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It was on July 4th of 2008, I found an up and coming Social Media Website called Facebook. I registered for my first Facebook Homepage account and within 30 days had composed a page featuring my “HAWAIIAN WORDS OF WISDOM” sayings. I immediately began receiving hundreds of likes and encouraging comments to my new page which inspired me to begin another new page entitled, “SACRED^SUNDAY WORDS OF WISDOM.” This page would feature my collection of writings and Quotations which I would feature to my many friends on Facebook and then Twitter another Social Media site early each Sunday morning. These early creations have been published regularly on both Fridays and Sundays ever since 2008 and are the source and inspiration for this Book. Each Friday I had posted one of my Hawaiian Words of Wisdom Quotations in both Hawaiian with the English translation. Each Sunday I had posted one of my very favorite Scriptural Quotations occasionally with a comment or personal Prayer attached. The other days of the week were inspired primarily by my own personal Quotations that I had published in my personal Newsletter entitled, “The Sacred^Sunday Journals” which went out weekly to over 6,000 subscribers along with my Sunday postings on Social Media.


This new Book publication offers Daily Inspiration and features what are called, “THE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRITQuotations. It also features the author's "HAWAIIAN WORDS OF WISDOM" as well as “SACRED SUNDAY'S SCRIPTURAL QUOTATIONS" for 365 days, a full year. They are presented as daily reminders or what may be called “THE INSPIRATIONAL WORD FOR THE DAY.” Daily "WORD STONE IMAGES" are also posted to keep the reader’s attention focused upon those Spiritual attributes in each Soul’s consciousness that may be reflected upon each day of ordinary time for each individual Soul’s lifetime journey. The “SACRED SUNDAY WORDS OF WISDOM JOURNAL” begins on a Sunday with Day 1 and ends on a Sunday with Day 365. My sincere desire is that each Quotation for each day of whatever year you happen to be reading this Book in will warm your Heart and illuminate your mind and Soul having a human experience on a daily basis.

Will you Order our new Kindle or Paperback Book as you have so kindly done with our previous Book publications..? 
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Our latest Book Publication: “THE SACRED SUNDAY WORDS OF WISDOM JOURNAL” provides THE INSPIRATIONAL WORD FOR THE DAY for 365 days, a full year. This new Book publication offers Daily Inspiration and features what is called, “THE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” Quotations. It also features the author’s “HAWAIIAN WORDS OF WISDOM” as well as… [Read More]


Introducing my new Book: “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SOUL” (The Lifetime Diary Biography of an Earth Citizen) “What started out as a testimony to the Spiritual evolution of a Soul transformed into the Biography of a Soul as an Earth Citizen. Recorded from the author’s own Personal Diary Recollections this Book promises to… [Read More]

My NDE beneath the SEA (2nd Printing/New Edition)

(2nd Printing/New Edition) I do not know if the publishing of these manuscripts, on the 50th Anniversary of my drowning episode, or NDE (Near Death Experience) on August 28, 1966 or simply; “0828”, in Santa Cruz, California, was timed by me unconsciously, or if it’s just a coincidence that this year’s 50th NDE Anniversary, just… [Read More]

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