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Like most writers I have lived a varied life –  tho nothing extraordinary like being in the SAS or climbing Mount Everest. Although attempting to get my books published, or even getting reviews and selling a few copies has seemed like climbing mountains higher than that.

I was born near Sowerby Bridge, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, which was then a small, prosperous textile and engineering town on the brink of its long decline. Educated at local state schools, my first job was in an engineering factory (to this day I worry about the damage I did to the British motor industry) and then in an insurance office. By a huge stroke of luck (in those days it was virtually impossible for someone with my background and lack of contacts) I managed to get a job as a reporter. I also got married (lucky twice?) eventually having two sons. I worked on papers in the north of England, becoming a theatre critic and developing a strong interest in theatre. Eventually I went south and got a job as a stagehand (again I got very lucky) and worked in theatres in London’s West End, and Cardiff (hence Llywelyn). Stories to tell, which I hope will someday end up in books, but at the time the job enabled me to gain time and money to write a number of plays. However I had no success and eventually returned home – no Dick Whittington me. There I got a job as a probation officer and (being divorced) married again with a stepdaughter (thrice blessed). Last year we moved to York, where hopefully its well sited influences will enhance our lives and my writing.

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