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Michael R Holley is, first and foremost, a husband and father. Born in Panama City Florida on December 26, 1960, Michael started from solid but humble beginnings. He worked his way up from deckhand to captain, his dream job at the young age of nineteen. But that was not to be his destiny. By chance, an advertisement for a car salesman was about to change his life forever. He worked his way from showroom floor to owning his own empire, only to have it all crumble and land him in prison. Instead of allowing this to ruin his life, he thanks God for the lessons he has learned and the guardian angels that brought him through this journey. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Michael’s life now has a whole new meaning. He now wants to help others by giving back. Currently he is traveling and consulting with business owners about buying or selling businesses, as well as analyzing current business operations, cash flow, profitability, and helping plan exit or growth strategies. He trains successors, teaches lessons in dealing with the press as well as helping others look at business and life situations in a different light. He also speaks to and coaches prison support groups, civic organizations, trade associations and business groups to help them see life, business or situations through a new perspective. Additionally, Michael is working on a number of upcoming publishing projects for himself and others. Among his ups and downs in this journey we call life he is very proud to now be referred to as an author here to enlighten others.

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Pinstripe Suits to Prison

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