About Michelle Gilliam

Michelle Gilliam is a Registered Nurse. She started writing poetry and has now published her first novel May, 2016.

What a literary critic says about Michelle 's first book:

 I was impressed by how (Michelle):

--started the book at just the right place
--immediately created reader sympathy for the main character
--has a voice and memorable lines of dialogue! "I am not a type. I promise you that." 🙂
--used sensory details throughout
--showed strong variety of sentence structure
--developed characters so well (past secrets/wounds, growth arcs)
--had great internalization of the narrator, letting me as a reader know how she was feeling in all scenes
--has an observant eye, such as how men sit with their legs wide or how Italians view blondes...I could go on
--incorporated nice surprise twists (I did not see it coming that ....(erased)
--created powerful story conflict throughout, especially Maggie's internal conflict over Shawn and Luke
--used nice build up of sexual tension
--added really great lines and thematic sentences, "...only when you forgive can you love."
--tied in realities of today's world, like with violence of the suicide bomber
--brought in emotions...jealousy, fear, love, doubt/suspicion, shame...


Michelle Gilliam’s Books

Roman Rescue

Maggie has always been a sassy, headstrong Southern girl. But running off to Rome, Italy on summer break from college is the most impulsive thing she’s ever done. Her brother is in trouble, and she’s determined to rescue him- after all, he’s the older, wiser, military officer who has never needed her help before. Paul… [Read More]

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