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I have self Published 3 ebooks on smashwords, which have been distributed to Kobo, and Barnes and Noble and a few others. can be viewd on request with my name. Mary Helen Gill. I have another story almost ready to be published. My stories originally are all non fiction , but the latest is a mix of both. is a life Mystery. My first story involved a true account of my evacuation as an 8 yr old child on 1st September 1939, and a story of the war herafer. The 2nd is of the trials and tribulations of becoming a nurse on the early forties.and the 3rd is a true ghost story. I am 82 years old. ( some would say a youngish 82). who still feels I have a life in front of me. I have dabbled in oil painting in the past, and now it is time for the story writing. I am Scottish by birth living in South Africa since 1968, and came through the traumas of the war years and the UK Blitzes.I also served for a time as a Dental assistant in the WRAF.

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