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I have always been a writer!  There were some circuitous journeys towards my first book, but that's fine.  Everything has turned out just the way it was intended.  I was the little girl who never played with dolls.  How could I?  They were the characters in the horror stories I made up in my mind.   "Some day I will be a famous writer."  I told myself.   Eventually, those dolls were stored in the attic.  I imagined them sharing conversations, in their crate.  "Good premise for a book", thought I.  The years passed, and I kept writing.  I wrote all through College (Barnard), and especially on the bus to the Museum and back to my dormitory (I was an Art  History major).  I wrote all through Graduate School (Columbia), and then on the train while working on Wall Street.  Eventually, I went to law school where I found that creativity really was a huge plus (for so many reason!).  I practiced law for years, eventually becoming an Administrative Law Judge.  Now, I have my own law firm, and my first book, He Counts Their Tears, a Psychological Thriller.  I am at present looking for an Agent for my second book, The Suffering Room.




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