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Originally from Wisconsin, Tabat has tried his hand at a variety of professions including: donut baker, licensed private investigator, photographer, welder, and laser machinist. He currently lives in New Hampshire and works as an experimental chemist and aspiring author.

Website: mdtabat.com

Martin Tabat’s Books

Generating Effluence

Generating Effluence is the passport to an incomparable journey of self-discovery. This book explores the meaning of Everything, Nothing, and our relation to both. In it, Dr. Popache charts a course of knowledge that encompasses the quantum quirks of subatomic particles and the very nature of God. The totally illogical concept of a Field of… [Read More]

Welcome to the Universe

Welcome to the Universe picks up where Welcome to the Galaxy left off. Because of the accidental discovery of immunity to the effects of the deadly toxin, Flock, Humanity is now living and building stardrive engines on Mars for the Galactic Association of Stardrive Manufacturers and Engineers (GASME). But the Utaalks, a race of lobster… [Read More]

Welcome to the Galaxy

Welcome to the Galaxy is a humorous science fiction story set in the very near future. It begins when a traveling, snake-oil-style, junk dealer named Quane arrives on Earth to sell a dilapidated stardrive engine as a stolen museum piece. Coincidentally, he looks like the devil. So he hand sews a ragged dog costume as… [Read More]

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