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Marla L. Anderson is the author of "NanoMorphosis," "The Cost of Living: A Life for a Life," and numerous short stories. Her specialties are science fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense. Her love of fiction began at an early age and she started writing her own soon after.  She and her family live on the edge of the Cleveland National Forest enjoying the native wildlife, and occasionally fending off rattlesnakes and marauding coyotes. Readers are invited to visit her website: mlandersonauthor.com.

Marla L. Anderson’s Books

The Cost of Living

For Every Child Born Someone Must Die The math is simple. The politics behind it are anything but… When Janice becomes pregnant, her life will be forfeit. Her only out is to find someone desperate enough to volunteer as a life donor. But the man who promises to save her has an agenda all his… [Read More]


Two extraordinary dreams. Two ambitious men. One will receive adulation and support. The other will be denied. Daniel Walker remains haunted by first contact as a child with a merciless alien race. The experience left him orphaned, emotionally scarred and reluctantly famous. Years later, with Earth nearing its death throes, he embraces that fame to… [Read More]

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