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We all know better yet we choose to live in a self-destructive, gaslighting age. I write speculative fiction about, well, that. There's a trail of satire in what I scrawl. It's like I'm exsanguinating despair. I currently have three works on the go: Bozo, a book about a well-meaning chap who keeps getting run over by real life; The Secret Sex Lives of Elves, a trilogy concerning powerful, lonely elves discovering their place in the modern world of humans; and Korptopia, an SF/Satire trilogy about a misfit hero with huge hands living in an Ayn Rand dystopia where a fractured Canada has emerged as a nuclear and economic superpower in a world starving for fresh water.


Born in vibrant Quebec, then transplanted at a young age to the then-drab Greater Toronto Area, your epically heroic writer/hero endured a childhood of alienating urban sprawl and indifferent teachers (No, Mrs. whatever-your-name-was, I did not plagiarize that short story I submitted in your Grade 12 English class!) to emerge apparently average and mundane from a community college, which failed to teach him the value of avoiding run-on sentences. He then blew the next decade or so road-testing various women, jobs, beers, lawsuits, and careers. After valiantly co-creating three children, he discovered they needed to eat, so he settled into a stable blue-collar existence. He now lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, with the latest -- and hopefully last -- love of his life, where he continues to hate cats. He is a Rush fanatic, a coffee lover (though not after 1 pm [okay, 2 pm]) and enjoys long walks on Lake Ontario beaches between E. Coli outbreaks.

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