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Natasha Danna is a self published author, who writes and blogs for various mom and parents of multiples blogs and magazines. Her education background is in Psychology/behavior specialist. Twindollicious was created through inspiration from my twin girls and love for all children. The story of fun-loving twins and their bonds has yet to be expressed the way Twindollicious sisters Violet and Kelly can. Their love for fashion, sharing of secrets, hobbies and friends answers everyone's twin questions and more. "Any Two Can Be Twindollicious" is the first of multiple part series of their story. As each story unfolds a clothing and accessory line to match the characters styles will follow.

Natasha Danna’s Books

Any Two Can Be Twindollicious

Violet and Kelly are a pair of spunky twins who love doing everything together! They play games, dress alike, and share all of their secrets. Then one day, Abigail shows up and makes the girls question their own individuality. By helping others each in her own way, Violet and Kelly discover that who they truly… [Read More]

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