About Mark Canter

• former Senior Editor of Men’s Health magazine.
• nationally published short story author
• debut novel, Ember from the Sun, published in 10 languages, sold options on movie rights (three times), 11-city national book tour, TV and NPR interviews. The audio book was narrated by Irene Bedard, the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney animated film.
• second novel, Down to Heaven, published in four languages.
• non-fiction writing has appeared in The Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Yoga Journal, Shambhala Sun, Writer’s Digest and other periodicals.
• Degrees in journalism and the humanities, with highest honors.

Website: mark-canter.com

Mark Canter’s Books


BOOK OF THE YEAR 2012, Bronze Medal (ForeWord Reviews) Jalaam, a bastard son in first-century Judea, escapes the bullies in his village by becoming a stable boy with the Roman cavalry. Given the Roman nickname, Martis, he journeys far from his desert homeland to a forested world called Germania, where three legions have been ordered… [Read More]

Orchard of My Eye

Aria Rioverde, a professor of ethnomusicology, is rapidly going blind. She is renowned for her performances of Afro-Caribbean music and dance from her home island of Curacao; but how will she continue the career she loves when she can no longer see? Nat Colt is dying. His final goals are to find a mother figure… [Read More]

Second Nature

Gen is a teen-age woman. She is also a bio-warfare research project, designed by Col. Jack Eberhard. Born at Redstone Military Laboratories inside a quarantine unit rated Biohazard Level Four, Gen’s body harbors billions of microscopic organisms that have mutated from her genetically altered cells. The tiny entities in Gen’s tissues control life at the… [Read More]

Down to Heaven

Two American scientists—Mason, a veteran medic of the Afghan War; and Tree, a research botanist—survive a helicopter crash atop an Amazonian jungle mesa where they discover an exotic Shangri-La. As the former lovers puzzle out the mystery of the ancient city and its all-female society, a strangely beautiful servant girl named Earth-Heaven entangles the pair… [Read More]

Ember from the Sun

A paleontologist discovers the 25,000-year-old frozen corpse of a pregnant shaman woman. He transplants the embryo from her womb into a modern surrogate mother, and a Neanderthal girl is born in our time.

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