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Marie reads history and historical fiction. Born in Sardinia and a naturalized US citizen), she avidly researches the history of  Sardinia and of ancient Rome and medieval Italy. Many years ago she had  short science-fiction stories published, but more recently published her first historical fiction short story, which was set in the time of Julius Caesar. Marie is currently working on a series of stand-alone novels, spanning the time of Rome's Founding through to the beginning of the Italian Renaissance, through the eyes of historical, and fictional, characters. Marie is especially drawn to craft so-called “lesser” characters, with strong voices.

Marie loves to travel with her now-retired husband of 32 years, especially to historical places like Pompeii. She also enjoys watching or participating in board games with her adult sons and relatives.

Four novels in this series are

Romulus, Wolf who Founded Rome.

The Roman Heart of Busa (set during the Second Punic War)

The Iron Crown of Lombardy (early medieval Italy)

A Choice of Heart or Honor (later medieval Italy)

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