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I hold a B.A. degree in Digital Animation from Véritas University and I´m the author of the children's book "Why is the moon following us?" I have participated in several drawing/picture/illustration exhibitions in Costa Rica.

At this time, I am in Japan, improving my professional experience and developing a completely new style of illustration through deep exploration and exposure to new styles and cultures. One of my most important projects to date is an interactive app called "Why is the moon following us?", which was, at first, my graduation project at Véritas University in Costa Rica.


Completing the project took about a full year of research in terms of educational and aesthetic aspects. This app is an educational game for tablets that combines elements of children's illustration, animation and interactivity. Considering my experiences with this initial project, which included intense exploration and firsthand contact with some of the most important illustrators of the country, I decided to recreate this graduation project in a book that gives children the opportunity to learn while they have fun playing. This is how the adventure begins of creating the children's book "Why is the moon following us?"

María Escobedo’s Books

Why is the moon following us?

Lucy loves her Mom and her magic rabbit friend, Lulo.  While Mom drives Lucy and Lulo to Grandma’s house, Lucy notices something very strange.  The Moon is following them! Lucy has to find out why.  She keeps asking everyone they see, but no wants to talk to her!  Not her Mom, not the police, not… [Read More]

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